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My new blog

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Aug. 31st, 2007 | 11:48 pm
posted by: duskpeterson in eternaldungeon

Some of you will have already guessed that this announcement was coming. I'm moving to InsaneJournal. I'll no longer be updating duskpeterson, eternaldungeon, and gayleatherlit at LiveJournal. My other LiveJournal blogs, which are for other people's works, will continue at LiveJournal, though I'm going to be seeking new maintainers for a couple of them.

Whether or not you have an account at InsaneJournal, my new blog will still be easy for you to watch and post at. Here are some relevant links:

My new blog at InsaneJournal. If you have an account at InsaneJournal, please Friend me.

Switch the InsaneJournal site scheme to Lynx to make my new blog look nicer. No more grey pages!

Atom feed for my new blog.

RSS feed for my new blog.

LiveJournal: duskpeterson_ij. Watch my new blog on your LiveJournal Friends page. I won't be able to read your Friends-locked entries at LiveJournal; this is simply a syndicated feed.

(If you're ambitious enough to read the instructions, you can also log onto InsaneJournal through OpenID, which comes free with LiveJournal accounts. Here are the details.)

If you have any problems with the above, do post a comment here or e-mail me. I don't want any of you to miss out on seeing posts at my new blog. And please do post comments to future entries at my new blog - I value your feedback.

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