Dusk Peterson (duskpeterson) wrote in eternaldungeon,
Dusk Peterson

Round 2 of Strikethrough

Posters at the Strikethrough community innocence_jihad are reporting in this thread that a BDSM community has been suspended at LiveJournal. In addition, nodescriptor has been compiling a list of information on still-suspended LJs. The list reveals that the following fandom LJs are still suspended, despite the promise by LiveJournal's administration on May 31 that all fiction LJs and fandom LJs would be restored, followed by the announcement on June 1 that "all journals and communities that were suspended that did not clearly violate community policies have been restored."

riddle_torture: A Harry Potter fandom community.

violentboylove: A yaoi/slash darkfic community.

yaoi_slut, moderator of brokenboys. Brokenboys is similar in nature to violentboylove and was suspended, but it was later restored. However, the moderator's personal LJ has not been restored.

There are also reports of other still-suspended LJs being erotic fiction communities.

I realize, of course, that there may be good reasons why these LJs remain suspended. But given that LiveJournal's staff has now contradicted itself several times, I'd like a little more transparency in its communications with LJ members.

Meanwhile, a lighter perspective on Strikethrough.
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